Grading and Drainage Systems

Grading and Drainage Systems in St. Clair, MI

If your land is uneven, or you are finding issues with draining (such as frequent puddles in your yard), call Distinctive Grading & Design today!


Grading or land leveling is done to create a flat or specifically sloped land that will serve as a stable base for homes, driveway preparation, and gardens. Grading is essential to offer proper water flow from your home, and to create the perfect landscape foundation.

Grading will assist with water runoff and the leveling of lots before a home is built. When grading, it is essential that the ground slopes away from your structure to ensure to water is directed directly to your structure.

Grading Services:

Drainage Issues
Driveway Installations

Lot level and site prep are also essential when beginning a new project.

Drainage Systems

Area drains are used when a yard has an issue of frequently “puddling”. If your yard regularly shows standing water, an area drainage system can be quite beneficial. These drainage systems will prevent soil erosion and landscape damage but moving the standing water to a specific location using underground pipes.

French Drains

French drains are used to redirect water on the ground and below the surface from a specific area (such as your home or landscaping). French drains are most commonly used to prevent water from damaging your home's foundation. These drains are also used to relieve pressure behind a retaining wall caused by groundwater.

Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are developed into your landscape and act similar to a buffer between rushing water and your soil/mulch. During rains or when there is an overflow of water, the dry creek bed's rocks absorb the force of the moving water; this will slow the water down and help avoid erosion. Dry creek beds are a functional and attractive for any landscape.